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Why chai at six? Because growing up, my family and I would have chai every evening. Those moments of my youth are among my most favorite memories.

Who am I? A twentysomething working fulltime in Knoxville, Tenn.

Please note that all thoughts and comments described in this blog are purely my own and do not reflect the thoughts or attitudes of the company I work for.

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    chai at six
    Bhajyu I finally finished using a disposable camera I had since July and got the pictures on a CD today. I felt I had to share this one of the Bhajyu, who is quite possibly the most beautiful baby there ever was. He so rocks. Photo was taken in Mo. after Amit's wedding. I love how once babies eye some obscure object, they continue to stare at it with such a piercing and yet baffled gaze.

    Hopefully one day in this lifetime, I will update his web site and add newer photos of him.

    Three posts in one week. I'm on a roll.

    Posted by Jigsha at 10/28/2003 11:23:00 PM | link to entry |

    I want to move to Asheville, N.C. That little town, nestled off I-40 near the Great Smoky Mountains is the most hippest coolest town I've seen in the South. How can this be? It reminded me of Philadelphia's South Street (without the chewing gum stuck on trees) and the Old City (without the metropolitan snooty attitude). It has nature — it's tucked in the mountains. People walk — I parked my car and had to return to drop in more quarters as I didn't expect to spend that much time walking around their downtown. My architecture kick is there — I saw issues of Metropolis in stores there and they have way cool furniture, which I can't possibly afford. The people there were just so darn nice: the stores, the coffeshop and the bar I went into — everyone had a pleasant word to say to me. Something about Asheville just struck a cord. Maybe one day.

    Asheville was the definite cherry on top of my North Carolina sundae. (Yes, horrible similie, but I'm trying to be creative in a crude way!) This is why:

    I carved my first pumpkin. Stayed in a rad loft and browsed even more rad loft books. Played scrabble, which brought back fond memories. Partook in harmless gossip. Saw my version of a New England fall while touring Duke's campus. Ate at Mama Dip's. Got to hang out with my really cool friend. Met many interesting people. Was able to speed and not get caught. Saw amazing colored woods along my "six-hour" drive. And I felt like I was on vacation.

    So all in all, a delicious (I'm still trying!) weekend, I would say. And the super cool thing is I'm still off tomorrow!

    Posted by Jigsha at 10/28/2003 01:22:00 AM | link to entry |

    Lowell and I went to Slip Rock Creek in N.C. this weekend. Lowell said the area is in the southern part of the Smokies. We took 129 S to get there and drove on the "Dragon," which was way cool. Saw many motorcyclists zooming on the curvy road and the start of quite possibly a very beautiful fall color season.

    We parked and began our hike. Lowell had a backpack with all his cool camping equipment. He wanted me to experience food cooked over an open fire so his backpack contained all necessary equipment.

    The hike up the mountains and through the woods was so pretty. We saw hardly anyone on the trail, except one family of three with a blind dog, whom they were carrying. Very odd! There was loose sand and a little mud but my spiffy new hiking shoes made it a breeze!

    We reached the creek, though it turned out we had not taken the right trail as Lowell had planned for another part of the creek. I still thought the place we were at was pretty cool. There were lots of rocks, smoothed by the running of water. Naturally, I pocketed me a pebble. Sunlight made its way through the trees and danced on the water. Aside from the gushing water and insects, there was pure silence. Beautiful.

    I decided to be adventurous and wanted to cross the other side of the creek to get on the big rocks. We tried thinking of different possible paths and finally decided upon one where we'd hop on two rocks through a medium-speed current. It was the wrong one for me. As I tried to jump across the water, I fell smack dab in it! I grazed my knees and felt like a fool, but it was too funny not to laugh. Me trying to be all cool and smartass freakin falls like a klutz. It brought back many memories of my family teasing me on my lack of coordination. And what's worse is I got up and tried an alternative route and slipped again. My pants and shoes and socks were drenched.

    We decided to hang out there (thankfully!) and I walked around barefoot on the rocks, letting my socks and shoes dry in the sun. I watched yellow leaves fall into the water till there were fifty or so floating there. I closed my eyes and listened. I gazed at the water. I enjoyed the easy task of drying off in the sun while Lowell had gone to gather firewood to prepare the fire.

    He had prepared great shrimp jambalaya/gumbo. It was so cozy sitting near the fire, eating, watching the fire burn and listening to Lowell. Bliss.

    Our hike back was a little scary for me. I didn't realize how steep the mountain was. I kept on having to lean into toward the mountain lest I slip and fall (again!). The knee didn't hurt too much, although it looks like a supercool action bruise! And the cool thing is we're going to come again and see the real big waterfalls, Lowell had planned for earlier. Yay!

    Other things (yes, pretty detailed since it's been a while, and will probably be a while for the next):
  • I got my braces tightened Monday. It ached a little and my cheek keeps on grazing against a brace, which is very irritating and sore.

  • I finally joined Friendster. It seems like I was the last person to do it. And it really does become addictive. I'm finding people in my network I haven't heard from or thought about in a long while.

  • I drove to southern Virginia for work this week. Trying to find fall foliage to shoot. Alas, the color hasn't come just yet. But the Virginia mountains are really pretty and seeing farmers toil over their fields in the straw hats and plaid shirts and red trucks, I felt like I'd been transplanted elsewhere. Then I started singing John Denver's "Country Roads," which is his song about his home in W. Va. It seemed apt. Mr. McGowan in sixth grade taught us that song for assembly. I wish I knew it all — it sure was a pretty song. I clocked 90 once I got on 81 after I realized how late it would be getting back.

  • A concert I was meant to go to in Asheville (Barbarito Torres) got cancelled. I found out a half hour before I was meant to leave and by visiting the Orange Peel's web site to find information on parking. Now that is sure good luck. I would have hated driving two hours to find out the concert was cancelled. Instead, Scott and I saw "School of Rock," which was pretty funny. Those little kids are so cute. I can't believe they made a little tween-aged kid act gay.

  • I'm going to Durham, N.C. this weekend for Alex's famous pumpkin carving parties. I'm not looking forward to the length of the drive (six hours according to Yahoo maps), but am looking forward to the drive through Cherokee National Forest. I drove through it last year late Oct. and it was divine. I almost had an accident trying to stare at the maginificent colors of the trees there.

  • I finished reading Naguib Mahfouz's "The Beginning and the End," and highly recommend it. I first read his "The Palace of Desire," but liked this one better. It's tragic and makes you think how hard we try to be perfect in the world and how we try hard to keep up an image. Yet in the longrun, it can have dangerous consequences. But it wasn't just about that — it encompassed so many other things too. And usually I like to read where I imagine a whole other world (I hardly ever to learn or analyze, I always get so bored) but this book made me look at the characters closely and analyze them. It's been a while since that has happened. So in other words, read it! Then tell me if you liked it as much too.

  • Since I had to edit and crop a photograph of me for Friendster, I decided to post it online too. See here to view it. And yes, I was trying to hide the braces. I came to learn that despite being cool with them in person, they photograph very badly. FYI, photo was taken end of Aug after I long day in Rolla, Mo. We had all flown in that day and were busy with wedding preperations. I was putting mehndhi on my bhabhi's feet since she was going to get married the next day. Unforutunately, I had to crop her out for the Friendster use. Apologies for that.

    Final reflection: I can't believe it's already nearing the Indian new year. Happy Diwali and best wishes for the new year to any Hindus/Indians reading this. I hope you get to eat plenty of methai and spend time with those you love. And hope this new year is your best yet.

    Aside from festivities, I have to say: where the fuck did this year go? Diwali already? A year in Knoxville, already? Being employed for a year? Amit's wedding? Dipen's wedding? Kush? It's going too too fast. And I hear it just continues to get faster. Well no point stressing about it. I'm in beautiful East Tennessee and right now, I feel a little tired yet still wonderful! Although the mood may rapidly change after tomorrow's drive. Stay posted.
  • Posted by Jigsha at 10/25/2003 04:01:00 AM | link to entry |

    In a nutshell:
  • After attending a South Carolina vs. Tennessee game with Alex, I've become such a big fan of Tennessee football! I guess finally understanding the basic rules of the game helps some (thanks, Alex). So now I'm looking out for their games and am none too happy with the way their past two games with Auburn and Georgia have been. Go Vols!

  • I was in New York last weekend for SAJA then visited Kush and his parents and my foi and family in Cherry Hill. New York was good. It was a lovely day to walk around so I walked a couple of blocks in Midtown East and perused some of their furniture stores. How I wish we had similar stuff here. Sigh.

    But even better was seeing the Bhajyu. He's gotten bigger and chubbier and is so much fun to hang around with. He smiles so much more now too, and when you get him to smile at you, it's bliss! He's tries to talk and really loves his musical caterpillar. I wish I could see him more often.

  • Had my first official dinner at my apartment last week. Finally was able to use my set of bright red Italian dinnerware. It was great fun and makes you appreciate good company even more. And umpteen glasses of wine always helps you so.

  • Yesterday at 3 a.m., I was coming home from work and gazed up at the sky. What I saw kept me outside in the cold for five minutes. The clear sky was a navy blue with many stars twinkling. Your literal heaven.

    I do have a tendency of writing about nature a lot here. I think it's just because Knoxville is so amazingly beautiful (We had a clear view of the Great Smoky Mountains at work yesterday), that I can't suppress this feeling of beauty that I feel needs to be shared. Wish you were here to enjoy it too.

    Granted this entry is hardly a proper update. Sorry.
  • Posted by Jigsha at 10/16/2003 12:37:00 AM | link to entry |

    A lot has been brewing in my life for the past few months. I'm just waiting for the perfect time when I can sit down, have a good dial-up connection and type away. You should get your serving soon. I promise.

    In the mean time, write to me.

    Posted by Jigsha at 10/14/2003 02:18:00 AM | link to entry |