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Why chai at six? Because growing up, my family and I would have chai every evening. Those moments of my youth are among my most favorite memories.

Who am I? A twentysomething working fulltime in Knoxville, Tenn.

Please note that all thoughts and comments described in this blog are purely my own and do not reflect the thoughts or attitudes of the company I work for.

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    chai at six
    About ten days ago I stopped by Atlanta on my way back to Knoxville from Nashville.

    Despite hating Atlanta's sprawl and terrible traffic, I think the city is deeply growing on me. I had such a good time when I was there and feel like I have a fair sense of where things are and how to get around easily. Many people close to me live there too, so I'm pretty lucky that it's only a three-hour drive away.

    I got to stay with Amit and Deepabhabhi and see them settled down as a newly married couple in Kennesaw. I can't believe my Motabhai is married and it was good staying with them and feeling the stability of marriage. We had a delicious braii on the deck Monday night. It felt like braiis we'd have back on our verandah in Z, with Motabhai taking care of the braii while we all sat around and chatted about random things. Deepa is one a million and we're so happy to have her in our family. Not to forget that she makes such good chai.

    While on our way to Hot Wok Friday night, I discovered a fantastic radio station: 97.1 FM. They had all these mid90s R&B, Rap and Hip Hop songs playing. I hadn't heard "I got five on it," in ages — maybe since Z. It got me so excited to hear them playing these great songs from back in the day; it was like the sign of a memory-filled weekend.

    Hanging out with Nisha and Dharmisha was awesome as always. It's always so good to meet friends from Z. and do an array of things, I quite possibly couldn't do with others: dance, drink, party; talk, debate, advise; visit Rupa's beauty parlor, watch 'Kal Ho Naa Ho,' drink chai, drool over Shah Rukh Khan, look at furniture stores. I'm thankful to Nisha for always showing me a good time while I'm there. The Lava Lounge and Cosmopolitan rocked. I hadn't had as such a good couple of night in ages.

    Posted by Jigsha at 12/23/2003 04:07:00 PM | link to entry |

    How does that song go? "It's beginning feel a lot like Christmas. .... tara tara tara I go ..." Ok. Maybe I should stop trying to type my hum! But yes, it really does feel like the season of goodwill is upon us now.

    I was in Kmart with Sanjaybhai and Parulben the evening of Thanksgiving. They were looking for some lighted christmas ornaments to display on their lawn. Christmas carols were in the background. Shoppers were doing some Christmas and Christmas decoration shopping. It was dark and grey outside, warm and cozy inside. And all around, I saw items touted for the perfect Christmas gift for him, her and the the family dog! It really truly left like Christmas. And you know what, I was excited that it felt like Christmas!

    If you know me personally, it'll be odd hearing this. I don't celebrate Christmas. I rejoice at not having to struggle over the superficial task of giftgiving. I don't do trees or lights. But yet hearing the carols and seeing the local folk prepare for the holiday season, it felt so right and perfect.

    Then Friday night, we had flurries in Knoxville. When I left work late at night, there was a fair amount of white dusting on the pavement and on my car. It heralded the promise of what may be a white Christmas.

    I don't think I've been excited over this holiday in a long time. Back in Z., during Christmastime, students at Lechwe would hold a recital at a church where we sing carols and read aloud from the Bible. Being in school and learning carols and wearing white afghans with red ruffles made the holiday seem more special, despite the fact that there was no snow or cold weather. We'd do crafts in school and make our own Christmas cards we'd reenact the nativity for assembly. We were celebrating the essence of Christmas without commercializing it. Granted shopping for Christmas in Z. may have been the reason why.

    But I would get excited then. Maybe just because the Christmas holidays would be upon us soon and I'd have three glorious weeks of no homework. Whatever the reason, I'm glad I've regained this sense of spirit about the holiday. And I'm even more glad that I can enjoy this spirit without getting caught in the trappings of what a modern-day Christmas should entail.

    Posted by Jigsha at 12/01/2003 01:44:00 PM | link to entry |