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Why chai at six? Because growing up, my family and I would have chai every evening. Those moments of my youth are among my most favorite memories.

Who am I? A twentysomething working fulltime in Knoxville, Tenn.

Please note that all thoughts and comments described in this blog are purely my own and do not reflect the thoughts or attitudes of the company I work for.

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    chai at six
    I'm feeling this year. 2004 it is, baby! Yes, there's a lot of optimism riding on this year. Nothing forced — just a sense that things will be good this year. I love it.

    All ready the new year kicked off to a good start. I was in Atlanta with Nisha and Dharmisha and my brother and bhabhi, and despite attending a sucky party at the Fox Theater, I rang in '04 with people I love and also had the opportunity to reconnect with close friends in Philadelphia.

    Atlanta is definitely growing on me. Nisha and her sisters and I went to Madras Sarvana Bhavan and had masala dosas New Year's Day. It was a pretty cool attempt to turn an Indian restaurant into a cafe. More trips to it in the future will hopefully be in order. My next trip to Atlanta should be in February — the birthday month. So more drinks and dancing in store!

    Side note: also in Atlanta, I saw a road called Best Friday Drive. How funny! Who comes up names like that? With all their Peachtrees, couldn't they come up with anything better. I don't know why I gripe about it now, when before I squealed with amusement as we drove past it.

    Among the many other reasons why this year is going to rock, I have to share this one moment: Have you ever seen such a stunning display of nature you feel overwhelmed, that you don't even know how to emote?

    Last Tusday, after chai with Scott, I went for a walk down Cherokee Blvd and alongside Lake Loudon. It was a little after 6 in the evening and very cold. The water in the lake had retreated some so parts of the lakebed were dry that you could walk on it. I decided to go to the edge of the water and stood there and I saw a bird — possibly a heron or a stork, I have no idea. She stood still in the murky waters. Cars could be heard sofly rumbling along Alcoa Highway, and aside from the occasional jogger, I was the only person around. The sun was rapidly retreating westward and the sky was this lovely pink-orange hue.

    By getting closer to the water, I seem to have startled the bird; she flew farther away from the water till she was out of harm's way. As I turned around to look at her, I saw how beautiful our world is. The light of the setting sun filtering through the trees alongside Lake Loudon. The soft cry of geese and other birds as they flew in a V-like formation through the greying sky. The stillness of a moment amid nature in a city. Parts of the trees that looked black in the shadow formed by the sunset reminded me of open plains in Zambia. I felt like crying. It was too perfect. I couldn't believe this specatacle, this masterpiece was mine alone. How freakin' damn beautiful. I can't even remotely describe the scene or the moment. It was just breathtaking — like one of those moments you know will change your life forever. I'm rambling now, which shows I still don't know how to emote it.

    Why do I share such a personal moment? I don't know. Sometimes beauty and perfection are so blatantly obvious we miss them. Some folks need to be reminded to just look at something a little longer and you'll feel a special stirring in your heart. By sharing such a humbling and yet awesome moment, it can perhaps be a little prod for the few who read this. You don't always need to be among others to find beauty either. I've found that most of the time, it's when I'm alone that I see things that profoundly stir me.

    Enough on my love affair with nature and that Tuesday evening!

    I watched "Lost in Translation" last night and whole-heartedly recommend it. A few people had suggested I go see it and when I did get the time, it wasn't playing in the theater anymore, which bummed me a little. So I shrieked in delight when Arun and I saw its poster outside Downtown West, and I totally insisted we watch it. I'm glad I did. Despite the frenzied mood of the modern Japanese culture depicted, the movie calmed me, that after we got home, I had to make chai and we sipped on it in my tea cups-and-saucers.

    And now a request: I'll be in San Diego next week for work and am looking to meet any fellow Zambians while I'm out there. If you're a Zambian in California reading this and wouldn't mind meeting up, send me a note. Or if you've been to San Diego and have a few tips or suggestions, do send them my way. I just realized today I'll be seeing the Pacific Ocean for the first time next week, which is going to be very cool.

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