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Why chai at six? Because growing up, my family and I would have chai every evening. Those moments of my youth are among my most favorite memories.

Who am I? A twentysomething working fulltime in Knoxville, Tenn.

Please note that all thoughts and comments described in this blog are purely my own and do not reflect the thoughts or attitudes of the company I work for.

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    chai at six
    Valentine's day came and went, and by hell, the single folks weren't going to get suckered feeling lonely and left out again that Saturday if I had my way. So I had a little gathering for the singles, in that we too could enjoy some merriment and avoid being inundated with mushy romance around the Knoxville social scene.

    My home was decked with red fairy lights and white votive candles and neatened up very well by Scott, who also provided the awesome music and speakers. Eats included homemade chocolate-covered strawberries, which are so much better than store-bought ones. If anyone needs the recipe, let me know; they're fairly simple and quick to make.

    Mood was lowkey. Crowd, my friends, so very cool. It was the first time most of the people I know in Knoxville were in one place together. I finally got to meet some neighbors too. And I delighted in knowing I can have people over and it won't always be a fizzling flop.

    The red fairy lights were the best however, and gave the room this mellow red glow. A red light bulb later on added to the ambience. It was so much fun preparing for it, and making the appetizers, I'm inspired to have themed gatherings more often. Not having a lot of furniture can definitely be an advantage too, as moving things around and cleaning up afterward is fairly easy.

    Last week, I visited a family friend in the hospital who just became a new mother. Both baby and mum are doing well. It was the first time I was in the hospital visiting someone in the hospital in the U.S., so that was an event in itself. I also visited the baby ward, where you see newborns and preemies, and my god, they're so tiny, but perfect in every way and incredibly strong. I also spent a few moments gazing through the nursey, where parents oohed and aahed at their little bundles of joy. What a delight! Babies are so awesome. Especially the bhajyu, who so rocks.

    I finally saw "Y Tu Mama Tambien" this weekend, and liked it immensely. The beaches portrayed are beautiful. I also got to spend a night with a good friend and three awesome dogs, including a German Shepherd, at a beautiful house on the lake. It was supercool getting to hang out with the Chad and the dogs and laze around and cook with someone and wake up early in anticipation of the sunrise — which we missed anyway. Though I got to watch the cartoon "The Littles," which I remembered from Z., so that was a reminder of times back in the day.

    I'll be making a trip to Atlanta this weekend. Plans include celebrating birthdays with Nisha and Dharmisha and celebrating the U.S. and our future with my brother and bhabhi. 2004 rocks. Life = taco

    Posted by Jigsha at 2/17/2004 04:34:00 PM | link to entry |

    I love "Mr. Blue Sky" by the Electric Light Orchestra. I think this is the theme song that goes with the trailer for the new Jim Carrey movie "Etertnal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind." I like the beginning of the song — how upbeat it is, and quirky it is too.

    "mr. blue sky, please tell us why you had to hide away for so long ... so long"
    The best thing was I was trying to find out what song it was and by whom, but hadn't had much luck. Then I was going through some old tracks my Real Player at work have saved to my hard drive. Turns out it had saved some tracks from a CD Scott thought I ought to listen to. The CD was by the Electric Light Orchestra. So I was randomly clicking on some unnamed tracks and ta da, I got this upbeat song. So cool!

    "hey you with a pretty face. welcome to the human race"
    So I'm just replaying the beginning of this song now and chuckling. What fun.

    Posted by Jigsha at 2/11/2004 01:57:00 AM | link to entry |

    There's lots to write about in this post. Many varied things have been going on for the past couple of weeks, all of them excellent, so I'm spreading the joy.

    San Diego was good in all ways. The city is beautiful and I revelled in the fact that I would wake up to a lovely view of the marina. I stayed near the Gas Lamp district, so I walked a lot and recalled fond memories of evenings walking around downtown Philadelphia as rushhour passed all around me. The best aspect of the trip though was meeting the other fellows in my yearlong program. They are all talented and enthusiastic and we've all gotten along well already. A zoo trip involving turtles procreating and an evening having a couple of red-headed sluts may have aided in the process too, but it's all good.

    I also got to meet Tamanna, a longtime friend of mine from Zambia. In fact, she, her twin and I were just about best friends when we were very young. It's was interesting how the conversations and activities rapidy differ: from playing with dolls then, to drinking and talking about boys/men and the cute Italian waiter now. It's a somewhat jarring to realize we're all growing up.

    After the whirlwind trip out West, things only got more busier: Orthodontical appointments, swami narayan kathas, breakfast at Renken's, laundry and cleaning. It was frantic, but showed how I can accomplish a lot if I set my mind to it.

    A friend from the Midwest visited Knoxville later on in the week. We went hiking at Ramsey's Cascades on Saturday and had the best time. Tim, who is quite fit, unfortunately had to wait periodically for me to catch up and deal with my bitching about the climb, but those four miles up to the main falls were so worth it. We passed many rocks and streams along our way and trudged through snow and clearings. Then we sat on a rock near the frozen waterfalls and admired the formation of ice as the falls tried to run over the rocks in the cold. The climb downhill was undeniably much better. The best thing about the hike was it reminded me yet again how lucky I am to be living near such great awesome nature. The Smokies are like a treasure chest brimming with adventure and beauty. There's so much in them waiting to be discovered.

    Sunday was sports filled with some live asskicking by the Lady Vols against Auburn. Go LadyVols! The bitter end of the Superbowl with the Panthers losing sort of brought it to equilibrium, I guess.

    Monday morning was spent at the local zoo (which by the way, is an equal to the San Diego Zoo in my opinion) looking at all the animals and the lovely tigers. Such regal animals. The afternoon we drove to Asheville, N.C., the hippest town near the Smokies. The cold weather didn't add to the pleasantness of the trip, but we had a lovely late lunch at a Parisian/Ashevillian bistro. Yum. The ride back sucked though as we got caught in rain in the dark in the mountains among speeding trucks. Not a very good combination. But once home, we watched "Bartelby," which I found immensely funny, though if you asked me why, I'd prefer not to say. Damn, how moronic can my sense of humor get?

    Once Tim left, things have slowed considerably. A lot took place in January, so the slower pace and quieter surroundings in Feb. will take some getting used to. But there'll be a party, an oath swearing, Atlanta (any folks wanting to meet up?) and birthdays to look forward to this month.

    Let me end with a new saying of mine. One that I think will be part of me, though my good friend Chad may heartily disagree: life = taco.

    Have at it as you wish.

    Posted by Jigsha at 2/07/2004 04:37:00 AM | link to entry |