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Why chai at six? Because growing up, my family and I would have chai every evening. Those moments of my youth are among my most favorite memories.

Who am I? A twentysomething working fulltime in Knoxville, Tenn.

Please note that all thoughts and comments described in this blog are purely my own and do not reflect the thoughts or attitudes of the company I work for.

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    chai at six
    Noting my rather portly figure recently, I decided I needed to start being a little more active. Random hill walking jaunts just aren't going to cut it anymore.

    My neighbor and I now try and spend a part of our evenings walking around Sequoyah Hills. We take brisk hourlong walks down Cherokee Blvd and alongside Lake Loudon. And there isn't a better time to start than right now as my neighborhood gets more beautiful each day. I can't even describe what you're missing out on. The Dogwood Trail runs through Sequoyah Hills, so there are many flowering dogwoods with beige, white and pink. Other trees with carnationlike flowers have bloomed on the walking trail on Cherokee, and with the recent rains, many of the flowers have fallen off so it's like walking on a bed of them. I wish I could go barefoot and feel the juxtaposition of the soft petals and gritty gravel under my feet.

    That topic of thought has been on my mind recently: Will I ever live in another place as charming as East Tennessee or as gorgeous as Sequoyah Hills? What other place could usurp this almost perfect world in my eyes? Do you know?

    I had some work friends over last night and we watched parts of Bridget Jones Diary and The Lion King. I titled the night "A Social Meltdown," as I wanted it to be a time for all of us fairly new to Knoxville to reflect upon our time here and just have a comforting easy night. Bridget Jones' Diary does it for me each time. Colin Firth is a dream and "Mahrk Dahrcy" makes me swoon. The Lion King was a treat and so so funny. And the reason why I finally joined Blockbuster.

    Posted by Jigsha at 4/23/2004 03:04:00 PM | link to entry |

    The South is seeping in. I've taken a fancy to country and bluegrass and I'll let them stations play on my car radio. My TV airs a fair share of CMT (Country Music Television for those not in the know) as well as CNN and MTV, although right now, it's on BET (Black Entertainment Television). I think Brad Paisley is so cool and have warmed to Kenny Chesney (nothing beats his "Do you think my tractor's sexy?"), though most of his music videos are based on a beach someplace.

    I like it when bluegrass comes crackling through my car radio. Add the cows and barns I love seeing when I drive and I'm again reminded that I live in gorgeous East Tennessee.

    Who woulda thought? I can't forget my Hindi roots though. The "Mere Naam" or Bally Sagoo CDs are played when I'm feeling especially nostalgic. Buena Vista Social Club's Pueblo Neuvo when I need inspiration.

    As someone once wrote to wish me well: make it a world music kind of day.

    Posted by Jigsha at 4/14/2004 01:46:00 PM | link to entry |

    My two neighbors and I spent the latter part of our Saturday night sitting outside my apartment under the big oak tree philosophizing about the world. It had been sometime since I'd participated in a healthy debate about something that involved the greater good, and not whether Bill or Kwame would be Donald Trump's new Apprentice.

    We talked about spirituality, purpose, passion, robotics and other such various facets of life and it reminded me of similar late night talks I would have with friends and fellow students at Temple. After graduating, such talk all but ceased, unless we were in a drunken stupor and felt the need to save the world in our inebriated state. Thankfully, all were sane and sober last night.

    A recent article in Time magazine sparked the idea for me to engage in greater discourse more often. Chris, Stephanie and I have such varied backgrounds and focuses in life that we all brought a different outlook to the conversation.

    I hope to plan more neighborly events where we can engage in such talk again. What a wonderful mental exercise and a gentle reminder that we're all but minute matter in this amazing world.

    Posted by Jigsha at 4/11/2004 02:31:00 PM | link to entry |

    I spent a couple of days in Philadelphia reconnecting with close friends, colleagues, bosses, mentors and professors and spending quality time with family and the bhajyu, who gets more and more adorable everyday.

    It felt so good to be back in a bigger city and ride public transportation or walk around downtown. I'm happy that I still know where things are and can get around the city in relative ease. Andrea, Sarah, Shiv and I saw a bit of shooting for the new Cameron Diaz film, "In her Shoes," based on the book by Philadelphia journalist/writer Jennifer Weiner. No sight of Diaz though.

    I got to meet a lot of people this trip back, which made me very happy, as a lot of folks I hadn't seen in two years. Devalina also planned a little Temple News reunion while I was there, so that was pretty cool. The reunion spanned many generations of the TN staff, and it was interesting to know where people are after their stints at the student paper.

    BhajyuBabies are so much fun, but have so much energy. Trying to keep the bhaj occupied wore me out; he's at this lovely age where he is curious about so many things and wants to delve into it all while being happy about everything. He is the best. I've taken many photos of him with the handy dandy camera-phone, and may post some recent pics of him if I'm feeling generous.

    It's sorta kinda cool that the traveling has just begun: picturesque Bluefield, W.Va., next week.

    Posted by Jigsha at 4/08/2004 02:18:00 PM | link to entry |