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Kush Dipen Desai was born April 2, 2003 in Philadelphia, Pa. He weighed over 6.3 lbs and was 20 inches tall.

He is the son of Dipen and Priti Desai, and the first grandson for both sides of the family.

Why the name Kush? While asking Dipen's sisters (Nisha, Jigsha & Shivani) for names, which is in accordance to Gujarati/Hindu tradition, Dipen and Priti also thought about names they liked. They both agreed upon the name Kush - due to it's simplistic spelling, pronunciation and historical connotations. They asked the fois, who happily agreed. Nishafoi had also submitted Kush as one of her names. It worked!

Some history: Kush is the name of one of the sons of our god Ram and his wife Sita. The other son's name was Luv.