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The weekend of June 21-23: I visited him this weekend. I am so happy to report that be is getting stronger and chubbier. He smiles a lot more now and likes hitting his jungle gym. I played with him a lot and saw him smile as he saw his mum in the morning.My favorite moments were watching him fall asleep and holding him in his large towel after he was given a bath. He's such a sweet bhajyu. His mum and dad are doing well despite the crazy feeding schedules. Photos will be added once they're scanned.

The weekend of May 24-25: Dipen and Priti are learning more of Kush's personality. He recognizes his parents and likes being held. When he is put in his crib and no one pays attention to him, he may start to cry. Dipen, being the athlete he was, is trying to exercise Kush's limbs so he gets used to his muscles being stretched. He is also testing his eye coordination and can follow Dipen and Priti's movements until they are more than five or six feet away, which I'm told, is really good for a two-month-old baby.

An update from his Mum: Kush is getting bigger everyday. His umbilical cord fell off after two weeks. His parents continue to endure sleepless nights.

We had a dorda-tying ceremony for Kush a week and a half after he was born. This is when his fois (dad's sisters, i.e. Nisha, Jigsha and Shivani as they reside in the United States) tie strings around him. This is also when we wish him luck and present him with gifts. He got a lot of gifts and a lot of sound advice from us too. You'll see pictures of those on the album page.

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