Nisha was born on Africa's Independence Day in 1975. Being the first born, she brought "laxmi" into our house. Growing up with many people (Ba, Dada, Nana, Nani, various Fois, and her parents), affected Nisha's behavior, and if you know her and her family well enough, you will see the various influences coming through her.

In her life, Nisha has experienced a lot of things and is usually the first person who gets something done, thus making it easier for her siblings. After attending primary school in Kitwe, she moved to Ndola where she stayed with our mama and his family, while attending secondary school. After two years, she moved back to Kitwe, and made the arduous task of commuting to and from Ndola everyday.

In 1994, Nisha left her family and friends and came to America to start college. She stayed with our Kailash foi and Kirit fuaji in PA, and attended Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science. After our foi and her family moved to NJ, Nisha and Amit -- who'd arrived here too -- moved into an apartment in Philadelphia. In 1998, Nisha graduated, and received her Bachelor's degree in Fashion Design.

She started work in Center City, at the hip clothing company Urban Outfitters. From there, she has helped all her siblings and family, especially Jigsha - who she lived with for a year and a half.

Now married, Nisha is working for Pelle Pelle in MI.

Interesting facts:
Favorite restaurant: P F Changs
Favorite place: Miami
Favorite thing to do: Talk on the telephone
Why she has so many clothes: Sample sale!