I have to be honest - I don't know much about my jija-ji, so I'll try the best I can to describe him.

Prashant was born on June 10, 1973 in Zambia.

He grew up in Luanshya with a younger sister, Hetal. His cousin Nikhil, lived in the same town, so he grew up with many siblings, much like Nisha.

Prashant studied in Swaziland first, then went to Michigan, where his mama stays. There, he attended MSU, and studied medicine, deciding to become an orthopeadic surgeon. Currently doing his residency in a hospital near Bloomfield Heights, Prashant is working very hard, usually doing 13 hour days.

In his free time, Prashant enjoys watching American football and eating Wendy's "spicy chicken sandwiches."

Personally, I'm glad that Nisha is married to Prashant. He is a great guy, and a wonderful brother-in-law.